Writers Block

I can’t seem to think of the correct way to arrange the words on a piece of paper.

Every sentence I write seems like something nobody would care about.

Maybe it’s because I’m going through a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m just bad at this.

I don’t know.




I used to write a lot.  Like, every day a lot.

Pretty sure my mom has boxes of my diaries dating back to around 3rd grade.

I used to have journals for everything – ones with locks on them, puppies on the cover, dream journals.

Dreams are something I want to write about later.

Lately, though, I just can’t seem to find inspiration.  I have a lot of cool ideas and things I want to express to people but I’ve gotten better at talking and haven’t kept the habit of writing.

If I were smart, I would do both.

That’s what I’m going to try do from now on.

Tonight I started this blog because I was inspired by a good friend of mine.  See, I’m an avid twitter user.  It is probably my favorite social media platform.  I like the character limit and I like that nobody I know follows me.  It’s just a place for me to send quick thoughts out into the internet.

There was a recent movement on twitter called girl gang.  Girl gang is essentially a movement of women all over twitter joining forces to support each other rather than send hate to each other.  I guess the idea is that women are already frowned upon by most men so we need to stick together and not push each other further into irrelevance.

I ended up in a group chat with some amazing girls who I am proud and happy to call my friends.  We talk about everything.  I think there are like 20 of us from all over the world in my group chat.

These girls are all unique in their own way.  All of them have pure hearts and are genuinely fun to talk to.

They have inspired me to write again.  Thank you #GG




Time Travel

We’re all gonna make it.

We all wanna make it.

Are you better off now than you were a year ago?

I feel like this is an important question that a lot of people fail to ask themselves.  Not only better than a year ago – are you better than you were a week ago?  A couple of days ago?

The sad truth is that it’s easy to spend time idling in one spot.  Telling yourself that you are ‘figuring things out’ when really – you’re scared to take the next step.  The unknown is scary but progress is incredibly important.

I am not successful, nor do I claim to be successful in almost anything that I do.

What I am is happy.  I am in love with myself.  I deserve to be.

I spent an absurd portion of my life being sad.  I spent time worrying about others and neglecting myself.

I idled for almost a year.

I had just moved to a new city. I told myself that I was taking new things slow.  I was meeting new people.  I had just started college.  I got a new job.  Great!!  All of these are reasons to just take it easy and get comfortable, right?


Growth doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable.  Progress isn’t made when you do the same things with the same people every day.

Travel back in time and imagine what you were doing a year ago.  I hope what you’re doing now is better.